2018 GolfFIT36 Fitness Camp

8th Annual GolfFIT36 Golf Fitness Camp 

Looking to put the BOMB in your LONG … be MORE CONSISTENT around the greens … Possess that ‘LASER-LIKE’ Focus when it counts?  Before you spend another $300 on a new driver … Do something different, INVEST IN YOURSELF!

Join us for the GolfFIT36 2017 Golf Fitness Boot Camp! Play ‘Pain Free’ while adding Yards to Every Club in your Bag and make 2017 a YEAR to REMEMBER!

 2  Sessions … Saturday, March 24th … 10am – 12pm & 1 – 3pm

For more information and Boot Camp Flyer contact Lathen Martial Arts Academy at Seminars@LathenMartialArts.com … LMA is located 5 minutes from Heinz Field / Downtown Pittsburgh 

Camp Includes 4 HOURS of Game Improvement Strategies!

Integrated GolfFIT36 Golf Movement Screen

– 2 Group Training Sessions, Sunday, March 26th (2 week break to engrain improvements)  & Sunday, April 2nd

Home Workout Plan to maximize your Boot Camp sessions

BONUS … first 3 clients receive a GolfFIT36 Home Workout DVD featuring Dynamic Prep, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Foam Roller / Tissue Mobilization & A.I.S. Flexibility Training!  Option #2  –  Choose any of our Kettlebell Seminar DVD’s


DISCOVER your Personal ‘Weak Links’ UNLOCK your body’s HIDDEN Power ReservesLEARN the 3 ‘Must Haves’ in an Effective Golf Warm-Up … Already Working Out – You may be doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD!

Train Like a Pro’ with GolfFIT36

… a better way, to a better game!

Pre-Registration : $75 … due by 3.10.18

 $99 late registration fee

Secure Your DESTINYRegister thru PayPal!  go to LathenMartialArts.com homepage 

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