2019 GolfFIT36 Fitness Camp

9th Annual GolfFIT36 Golf Fitness Camp 

If I had an hour to cut down a tree, I spend the first 45 minutes sharpening the axe … Isn’t it time to SHARPEN your Axe … Your BODY! Hit it Longer, with more Speed, Power and Consistency while Playing PAIN FREE! A New Improved YOU is just a few sessions away with our 9th Annual GolfFIT36 Improvement Camp!

Module 1 – Saturday, March 23rd … Module 2 – Saturday, March 30th                                     12pm – 2:30pm each module

For more information and Boot Camp Flyer contact Lathen Martial Arts Academy at Seminars@LathenMartialArts.com … LMA is located 5 minutes from Heinz Field / Downtown Pittsburgh 


Module I – Mobility, Flexibility and Stability The difference between Mobility & Flexibility … HOW to maximize BOTH for your Game … Stability / ‘Balance in Motion’ … YOUR KEY to a Solid Swing!

INTRODUCING  for 2019ELDOA flexibility – unlike traditional programs, EDOA targets the body’s fascia and increases the space between different joints of the spine resulting in a wide range of physiological benefits improving posture, joint mechanics and injury recovery


Module II – Strength, Power, Core and MORE! Still ‘crunching’ … discover a BETTER, Improved approach to ‘Secure your Core’ … Elasticity … the ‘Secret’ Strength component to a DYNAMIC Swing … Save Strokes … and YOUR BODY with Quick & Easy ‘on-course’ warm-ups and cool-downs

NEW Tools & Training Tips                                                                                                       RMT / Rotational Movement Training Club, ActivMotion Bar, Battle Ropes, Yoga Flows and MORE!


Improve your SWING SPEED in 3 simple steps … UNLOCK your body’s HIDDEN Power ReservesLEARN the ‘Must Haves’ in an Effective Golf Warm-Up … Already Working Out – You may be doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD!

Train Like a Pro’ with GolfFIT36

… a better way, to a better game!

Module I or II – $75 each … (LMA Member / Golf Team Discount $60 each)

Full Program – $120 … (LMA Member / Golf Team Discount $100)

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