Quick Tips

Welcome to GolfFIT36‘s collection of ‘Quick Tips’ featuring information on the elements contained within our Pyramid of Athletic Excellence.  Dynamic Warm-up, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power Development and Recovery / Regeneration Foam Roller (tissue mobilization) & A.I.S. Flexibility!

Dynamic Warm-up / ‘Airplanes’

Dynamic Warm-Up / 4-Count ‘Body Blast’

Mobility / Pelvic Tilts / ‘Cats & Dogs’

Mobility / Thoracic Spine / Lunge with Torso Rotation

Stability / Straight Arm Rotation

Strength / Medicine Ball Push-up & ‘T-roll’

Power / Squat with Rotational Press Overhead

Power / Side Shuffle Step

Recovery /  Foam Roller IT Band

Recovery / Foam Roller Back

Active Isolated Stretching / Lower Back

Active Isolated Stretching / Hamstring